Classic Three Lights net has set aside a special place for archiving classic sites. Even though they're no longer being updated, the information present on each of these sites are essential to Sailor Moon fans! Please save a spot in your bookmarks for these retired fan sites.

Classic Classic Three Lights net was very well known for having an extensive Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon gallery. The site was an important contributor to the PGSM fan community. No PGSM fan site would you visit, that did not use scans from our libraries at one point. Go! Explore!

Enter Classic Site.

Shingetsu PGSM Shingetsu PGSM

Shingetsu PGSM is a very large restoration and archive project. If you've never heard of Sailor Moon in your life, you're probably wondering what the show is about. Just in case people like you ever stumble upon this site, Shingetsu made a couple of informative overviews of the show.

Enter Shingetsu PGSM.